[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Links to other internal functions/classes?

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:11:18 +1000


Id like to include a link to another function in my documentation.  
Eg, "See also <{module}.other_func>" where we have a link to the generated 
documentation for that function/class/etc.

Ive had a look, and tried a few things.  Couldnt make anything 

What is ~ for?  It comes out as literal for me - in _everything_ -
including the doc generated from gendoc.py!  Ive only tried HTMLg,
which may be a problem)

Also, I had a quick play with "HTML", (as opposed to HTMLg) and it
was missing render_deflist() (??).  It has probably already been
added, but give me a yell if you want my version :-)

Oh yeah - one last thing - both import and parser mode do work on 
Win32 (except most people will not have parser in binary, but a .pyd 
exists) - so you can add this OS to the list supported :-)


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