[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Needed Python docs in RTF format

Tomas Valusek tvalusek@vs.inext.cz
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:14:34 +-100

Have you checked out all the Win95 options for this sort of thing? =20
You may find you can adjust winhelp  to a more suitable size. =20
However, I admit to not knowing much about these options.

Of course I use the maximum available font size in WinHelp, but WinHelp =
version is rather buggy, because some articles are not accesible from =
"contents" tab (they appear there as books) and accesed via "Index" =
WinHelp pops up window saying something about wrong window name (but =
after hitting OK the text appears). Another problem is that I hate =
WinHelp's behaviour to print each topic on separate page. I also cannot =
affect the font size on written output.

What about grabbing the .HTML versions, and either configuring your=20
browser of choice to use the big fonts?  Thats the easiest I can come=20
up with.

Do you know about FREE (non-shareware) Web site grabber? There are some =
available comercially, but they are rather expensive for me.

Tom Valusek

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