[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Templatising gendoc, and more.

Ken Manheimer klm@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 12:37:45 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> >>>>> "MH" == Mark Hammond <MHammond@skippinet.com.au> writes:
>     MH> Ive _always_ done this in __init__, and maybe we would find
>     MH> that the "most common usage" argument is more pervasive now?
> Indeed!

If i'm tracking what the actual issue is here (making the contents of a
package's __init__ module also be the contents of the package module
itself?), then (1) i'm for it - it was actually part of my original
design, and the prototype implementation, and (2) i am hoping to play
with ni sometime soon, experimenting with making the __init__ module and
the package module one and the same (in sys.modules), so the contents
are intrinsically the same.  (I am also hoping to take my first foray
into profiling python, to explore prospects for optimizing ni.)  Soon.

> [...]
> I was probably not clear (or I'm misunderstanding).  I only put
> sort-of meta-package documentation in __init__.py's docstring, and I
> think it makes sense to flatten that into the package module's
> namespace, since you are documenting the package.

This will be the case if the two objects are actually one.  For free!
(In fact, the reduction of a module object makes for underhead, rather
than over:-)  We'll have to see if that'll work, though.


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