[DOC-SIG] Non-Unix Support for Doc *Producing* Tools

Jeff Rush jrush@summit-research.com (Jeff Rush)
Tue, 21 Oct 97 22:39:27 cdt

On November 11, 1997, Paul Prescod said:

> {RE: LinuxDoc/SGML-Tools}
> One other problem these SGML Tools guy also have a VERY unix-focussed
> outlook last I checked. I don't think our documentation system should
> depend on anything more than Python and SP both of which run on Windows,
> Unix and OS/2 (don't know about Mac).

For me (and others I know) to contribute, the tools must run under
non-Unix environments.  While some of the tools can <produce> HTML
for consuming the information on other platforms, I can't help you
guys write any docs if I can't run the tools themselves.

Python is platform-independent -- as should the doc tools be.

> Anyhow, I think the next step is to gather consensus on an
> SGML-based plan. After that, we would all install Jade (which
> includes "nsgmls") and perhaps the SGML extension for Emacs
> and start to convert the tutorial to TEILite.

Where can I obtain an OS/2 (or 16-bit Windows) version of Jade?

Jeff Rush

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