[Doc-SIG] Bugfix II -- ManualPage.py

Mike Fletcher mcfletch@golden.net
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:05:22 -0500

Hi Daniel,

Rewriting the hyperlink_regex in ManualPage so that it does a simple,
deterministic search should fix the error around line 505 which you are
currently working around (and for which the workaround can cause index
errors)...  You will, also need to reduce each index

Caveat: I haven't got anything with links with which to test this, just a
lot of files that are failing due to the indexerrors.


8<____ ManualPage.py line 109	 _____
hyperlink_regex =
8<____ ManualPage.py line 500 _____
	while 1:
	    index = hyperlink_regex.search(text, index+len(rendered_link))

	    if index == -1: break

	    link_len = len(hyperlink_regex.group(0))

	    # Group 1 is the link, group 3 the link text
	    link, link_text = hyperlink_regex.group(1), hyperlink_regex.group(3)

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