[Doc-SIG] Possible Howto gui, narrative functions in computer , sciences

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba Manuel Gutierrez Algaba <irmina@ctv.es>
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 23:33:06 +0000 (GMT)

In www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina I've put the 'documentation' of my
project Lritaunas Peki.

Well, it's a very peculiar documentation. In fact, I've done it keeping
in mind that it could be as a STRUCTURED-PROGRAMMING-HOWTO. 
I mean, I'd like you to take a look at it and that you tell me
if it's worth as a HOWTO, or how could it be improved to become to 
It's not finished but I'd like your opinion.

It illustrates the cicle of software programming.
And it brings another interesting points. 
First one: Should  all GUI program documentations be similar to
Lritaunas Peki's ?
I think so, because it's a very straight forward method of knowing
how the programmer did the program and what were his thoughts and
 strategies. I mean it's documentation for Maintainers.
Second point: 
Right now , we're  discusing the posibility of making an advanced
'apropos' utility (in the doc list), so the documentation of python
get much better. 
Well, doing this piece of documentation ( Lritaunas Peki ) I've realised

Do you know what 'narrative functions' are ? 

Well, early in this century ( or in lates 1800 ) a Russian studied
the traditional Russian stories and he found that they have a similar
structure, in fact all they were composed of such functions as:
initial-situation, unbalancing-action, balancing-action,... and so.

If you think that the millions of the stories of the world are composed
of such small set of things, then it makes me wonder that programs
, specially GUI can be described in sets of computational functions.

Well, what about start talking about ( for example in the context of 
Lritaunas ) :

input-section , labels
output-section, words
transform-section, words, grammar 

If we find such set, and we apply it to the improved-apropos idea,
we can get all the functions of a class or of a program sorted by
its role in the system. 
You could have a very direct idea, just reading how are placed
this functions. 

Just think in a class with many functions, some of them will read
the arguments of the class, some others will be internal interfaces
in the own class. Some other just print results... As a matter
of fact when we read a program we get that information, what about
putting it explicity for higher level documentation programs?

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www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina ---> lritaunas peki project/proyecto in python
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