[Doc-SIG] An 'apropos' utility for documentations

Guido van Rossum guido@CNRI.Reston.VA.US
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 08:01:35 -0500

> >A Wiki would be a pretty good way to collect docstrings.
> >
> >http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?FrontPage
> in python, that's a "groupmind":
> http://starship.skyport.net/crew/scharf/GroupMind/GroupMind.cgi?req=home

Funny how the circle comes around: GroupMind is derived from my FAQ
wizard, which was first mentioned in this thread.  BTW, GroupMind
seems almost empty -- what happened?  E.g. I can't find a single item
on the promised TODO list!

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)