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Jefu! jefu@k2.knowledge2000.com
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 08:44:50 -0700

I think that perhaps the most useful thing that can be done to pry xml
away from the perl evangelists would be to work on making XSL a more
attractive alternative.  

To do this XSL probably needs to be seen as a general XML to XML 
transformation language (or perl (PML?) will fill that niche).  

Then construct a version of XSL with embedded Python (for string 
manipulation and suchlike) and with Python objects which could be 
used for constructing XML structures.  

Finally build a simple display engine and voila....

(I've been actually thinking about doing something like this myself 
maybe trying to use jade as a back end but jade is so complex...)  

Though it seems so futile to resist the perl-borg juggernaut.  
I had to fight hard to write cgi scripts in Python instead of
perl - after all "perl is the only language for CGI"  

jeff putnam - jefu@knowledge2000.com - knowledge 2000

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