[DOC-SIG] saxlib

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
12 Mar 1998 00:15:38 +0100

(Which list is the correct one for XML processing? Is there a Web SIG?
Should there be an XML SIG? There certainly seems to be interest in
this now.)

I've now made a skeleton SAX library to see how SAX translates to
Python, as a convenience for others doing SAX-related stuff in Python
and as a focal point for further development.

I found that SAX translated quite naturally to Python and that the
xml-dev developers had IMHO done a very good job.

The library provides minimal base classes with the default behaviour
prescribed by the SAX spec and a trivial SAX-based ESIS printer.

The only deviations from the letter of the specification are these:

 - HandlerBase has a superclass that is not described in SAX in order
   to make subclassing HandlerBase a little easier. This was done
   because HandlerBase has been made to ignore all unknown method
   calls, which might not be desirable in subclassed handlers.

   (As I write this I'm beginning to think that I should instead add
   empty methods to the class to avoid this problem. Opinions?)

 - Two methods have been added to AttributeMap: __getitem__ and keys,
   in order to make it possible to use AttributeMap as an ordinary
   Python hash table.

Comments of all kinds are most welcome. The URL is

Also, if the __getitem__ and keys additions are accepted as part of
the Python SAX specification, perhaps we should make a PySAX
specification that describes the additions to the generic SAX?

Now I'll get some sleep and tomorrow I'll start working on a SAX
driver for xmllib. I'll also add a command-line interface so that we
get a demo ESIS-producing XML parser.

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