[DOC-SIG] Python Library Reference in new HTML form

Laurence Tratt tratt@dcs.kcl.ac.uk
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 14:59:32 +0000

>> Eek. I bet it'll break my entire converter :) Is it a big markup 
>> change, or is it largely the same as before? 
> Probably, but it's not likely to be significant.  Mostly, a bunch of 
> things that were marked \code{...} are marked with other names.  Some
> of the index things have been changed (mostly new ones added), and a
> couple of new environments have been defined.  "\," has been eveicted, 
> mostly to get LaTeX2HTML to get things right.

What sort of things that were \code aren't \code any more? I have to 
admit I couldn't discern any obvious rules for \<character> and such 
like, so some rationalisation does seem sensible :)

Any added index commands is almost certainly a good thing. I think 
there's a lot of scope for adding lots of things to the index.

>> most people, but you'll always get a tiny minority who want it on 
>> A4.6 or some bizarre proprietary size, triple sided or something else 
> Oh, I want some of that triple-sided paper!  Think mt employer will
> spring for the fancy printers?  ;-)

It's Microsoft triple-sided paper. Guaranteed, and very 


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