[Doc-SIG] gendoc patch?

Daniel Larsson Daniel.Larsson@vasteras.mail.telia.com
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:58:13 +0200

Hi Henk (and other interested...)

Yes, there is a newer version on my Starship account. Now it even
has a link on my pages... ;-)... Why can't you access it? Do you want
me to email it to you?

(Check http://starship.skyport.net/crew/danilo/)

Henk Jansen wrote:

> (My) gendoc can't handle the package import structure of python 1.5.
> (doc_collect.py issues an error at line 533). As Mark Hammond wrote
> to this list on Thu, 19 Feb 1998:
>  >... Currently gendoc has been patched
>  >to work in 1.5 by it's author Daniel Larsson.
> I presume that a newer/patched version must be around somewhere. I
> can't download this, however (I can't access Daniel Larsson's
> starship/crew account). Can anyone point the to this?
> Thanks,