[Doc-SIG] Tex OO Rumbaugh classes drawer.

Doug Hellmann doughellmann@mindspring.com
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:43:47 -0500

John Skaller wrote:
>         I need to do this automatically: I can always
> run Xdvi and a screen grabber to make a jpg file for HTML,
> but I don't know how to do it automatically without user
> intervention.

If you're assuming UNIX (questionable assumption), you can just run Xdvi
with a specific window name (or if that app doesn't allow you to change
the window name, you can find out what the fixed window name is).  Then
you call xwd with the name of the window, and it dumps it without any
user input.  Kill of Xdvi and you're done.

>         Another way to do it in HTML .. is to use a Java applet.

That would be more portable.