[Doc-SIG] Docstring syntax discussion

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba Manuel Gutierrez Algaba <irmina@ctv.es>
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 22:00:06 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
>   I'd vote for this version only; each docstring can either processed
> or not depending on the language identifier.  A language identifier in 
> the module docstring (that means the *first* one only!) can be taken
> to mean "this language is the default for this module."
>  > unspecified/unknown (which is politically correct) or english (which is 
>  > probably a lot more practical, since I don't think we can teach these 
>  > americans to add the Language tag all the time:-).
>   Hear, hear!  We're just a bunch of closed-door isolationists with an 
> attitude!  Bad Europeans, bad!  ;-)

Certainly , ;) We at least should turn into Europeans ( as a block)
and start speaking Spanish, the most spoken language in the EU.
I'm sure that French and German people agree with me :-P

Seriously, I'm not very sure if docstring in Polish are a good idea,
docs is supposed to be useful for everybody, not a barrier for 
anybody except Ukrainians or Slovaks or for the people the author
has written that docstrings. 

It's rather common to find German doc in GPL programms, and this
is not a very good idea, I think. English is the de-facto lingua
franca. Japanese are funny too, remember ruby? 

BTW: Don't be so happy, I mean, the David Ascher gang, yea, yeah,
the bullet-indentation crowd (MAL, DA and the others) :). I'm 
preparing a nice counterattack in the form of eval docstrings.
You'll hear from me soon. The war-axe is still hot and bloody.

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