[Doc-SIG] Undocumented modules

Sjoerd Mullender Sjoerd.Mullender@cwi.nl
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:54:26 +0100

On Tue, Feb 23 1999 "Christopher G. Petrilli" wrote:

> I've kinda gone through this and figured out what probably SHOULD be
> documented, what shouldn't be documented (i.e. it's not exposed to the
> outside world) and what might just be totally deprecated.

> plat-*      AWARE	DOCUMENT? (is this viable on new IRIX?)
>             CD		INTERNAL
>             CL		DEPRECATE (seems ot be deprecated)
>             CL_old	DEPRECATE (same)

These 4 are deprecated.  Their functionality has been taken over by
the cd and cl modules.  AWARE is a module of constants for the cl
module, but I'm not sure whether you can actually use the
functionality that these constants represent.  If I remember right, in 
some release of SGI there was support for this, but you needed a
license (which we never got).  I doubt that anybody uses AWARE, so it
can be removed, as far as I am concerned.

>             SV		DOCUMENT (more major platform IRIX stuff)

Should be incorporated in sv module.

>             cddb	DOCUMENT (note overlap with Internet CDDB)
>             cdplayer	DOCUMENT (platform specific IRIX)
>             panel	DOCUMENT (same)
>             panelparser DOCUMENT (same)
>             readcd	DOCUMENT (same)

> As you've no doubt noticed, not much I don't say to document, BUT... I'm
> worried about all this HYPER specific IRIX stuff... perhaps it should
> be moved into it's own seperate documentation area, or even a seperate
> distribution of sorts (a'la Mac)... there's a ton of junk that just
> isn't useful for 99% of the users.

Hey, but it is useful to me!  (But then I wrote some of it.)

-- Sjoerd Mullender <Sjoerd.Mullender@cwi.nl>