[Doc-SIG] Undocumented modules

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:16:04 +0100

various posters wrote:
>> Um, missing color systems like CMYK (which of course are nearly
>> impossible to do), but also is part of the concept of imaging a'la PIL
>> it seems, so awefully incomplete without the ability to do
>> transformations in the color system (histograms, etc).
>Its main use would be in dialogs (allow users to specify colors in hls 
>or whatever), and possibly to build conversion arrays, but I'm not
>sure whether it is used by anyone anymore.

PIL's not really a replacement for colorsys, since PIL doesn't
contain any code to deal with non-trivial colour spaces.

On the other hand, the code in colorsys.py is not very useful,
since it doesn't define what RGB or YUV/YIQ space it uses for
it's coefficients (looks like it's using NTSC values, which is used
by about 0% of all computer systems these days...)

I vote for a removal.

(by the way, the initial comment is really confusing; the
person who wrote that probably didn't know that "XYZ" is
the name of an existing, and very important colour space.
I almost submitted a bug report before I realized what that
comment was supposed to mean... ;-)

Cheers /F