[Doc-SIG] Ease of use is #1

Ka-Ping Yee ping@lfw.org
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 15:41:37 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, will wrote:
> I also looked at it and that's along the lines of what I'm looking for
> in terms of generated output (though I think I would choose less pinky
> colors).  More importantly though, I would like to know more about
> what the doc-strings look like in order to produce that output.

The module is unaltered from SocketServer.py in the standard
library distributed with Python 1.5.2.  I put a copy of it up
at http://www.lfw.org/python/SocketServer.py in case you don't
have 1.5.2.  In short, nothing special.  The docstrings are
exactly what you see on the HTML page without the formatting.

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