[Doc-SIG] pythondoc/gendoc (was Re: Poll-schmoll, READ THIS!)

Peter Funk pf@artcom-gmbh.de
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 10:06:12 +0100 (MET)


[Fred L. Drake, Jr.]:
> I want tools that don't require the import of a module's source code.  

The current implementation of pythondoc doesn't meet this requirement,
since it does 'import'.  I like to cite from the README in 'gendoc-0.73', 
which supports both modes:

gd> Did some simple measurements on gendoc generating HTMLg
gd> documentation for all python modules in the standard
gd> ditribution (almost) (HP 712/80Mhz):
gd> gendoc -i (import mode)    gendoc -p (parser mode)
gd> -----------------------    -----------------------
gd> real    6m19.93s           real    1h26m31.63s
gd> user    1m56.36s           user    22m29.63s
gd> sys     0m10.41s           sys     0m47.38s

However with todays computer this speed issue shouldn't matter much.

> I want it to produce a data structure that
> can be stored persistently, and I want to be able to produce really
> nice HTML.  I want it written in 100% Python and work with both the
> CPython and JPython interpreters.

The notion of formatters is present both in pythondoc and gendoc.
The data structures in pythondoc seem to be little bit clearer and
better to understand.  I'm however eager to have a look at ping's manpy.

>   I'd like to see a processing tool that outputs structure.  This
> should probably be based on pythondoc, since a lot of the work is done 
> there; perhaps Ping would like to work on that?  ;-)  It has the nice
> property of supporting multiple backends.  I've no idea of the quality 
> of the code; last time I tried it, it just wouldn't work for me.
>   Is Daniel Larson still working on pythondoc?

Daniel Larsson (who is currently still subscribed to this list, Hi!),
seems to be very busy or on vacation at the moment.  Last week I
downloaded his 'pythondoc_07.zip' (released on Jan 25th 2000) and send
email to him pointing out, that this archive contains files, which
are definitely older than those contained in the 'pythondoc-0.6.tgz'
he has released before.  He has not reacted yet.

Regards, Peter.
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