[Doc-SIG] Crystal 0.2

Laurence Tratt laurie@eh.org
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:44:24 +0000

Sorry for all those of you who may have experienced problems downloading
Crystal 0.1; I'd completely forgotten that the web server it's on has a
tendency to distribute .gz files as plain text with all the problems that
that causes.

Therefore to make up I'm making available Crystal 0.2 (24 February 1999)
which is distributed in .zip format (as a temporary fix) and contains a few
new things including indices.

Crystal can be downloaded from:


I have also updated the sample output on the webpage to give people a better
idea of what Crystal can do. If you thought that automatically created
Python module/packge documentation had to be ugly, hopefully the sample
output can go some way to persuading you it can be functional and fairly

For those of you wondering *what* Crystal is, it is a tool in the
javadoc/pythondoc vein (with quite a lot of extra features on top of those
two tools). Although in its very early stages, it is already capable of
useful work as evidenced by the sample output on the webpage.