[Doc-SIG] Python Docs' Translation

Luca Manini manini@ies.it
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 09:12:47 +0200


I've just joined the list, I hope what follows is not off-topic.=20

I'm studing Python in my spare time and I think I can try to translate
some docs from English to Italian, may be starting with the Library
Reference and the very interesting Extending and Embedding stuff.=20

What should I do?

If I understand well, the original source is LaTeX (with some ad-hoc
macros). I'm quite fluent in LaTeX so this would be easy to work with.
The questions are: is there a coordinator for this kind of effort,
where should I get the sources from, where should I put the translated

	Any hint ?
	TIA, Luca.=20