[Doc-SIG] Python Docs' Translation

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@beopen.com
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 09:35:06 -0400 (EDT)

Luca Manini writes:
 > I'm studing Python in my spare time and I think I can try to translate
 > some docs from English to Italian, may be starting with the Library
 > Reference and the very interesting Extending and Embedding stuff. 

  (Please also see my response to Greg Ward's message on this thread.)

 > If I understand well, the original source is LaTeX (with some ad-hoc
 > macros). I'm quite fluent in LaTeX so this would be easy to work with.
 > The questions are: is there a coordinator for this kind of effort,
 > where should I get the sources from, where should I put the translated
 > files?

  The sources are indeed in LaTeX, and we intend to convert them to
SGML or XML later this year.  The markup largely consists of the LaTeX
sectioning and list-like environments and some inline markups, and a
large amount of specialized markup (the "ad-hoc" markup you mention).
The Python-specific markup is mostly documented in "Documenting
Python", available at:


  I should have more time to answer questions in a couple of days, and
will be glad to do so.  Thanks for your interest in helping out with
the documentation efforts!


Fred L. Drake, Jr.  <fdrake at beopen.com>
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