Python lexicon/Crosswords Python (was Re: [Doc-SIG] Some random thoughts )

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba
Sun, 5 Mar 2000 13:48:50 +0000 (GMT)

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Laurence Tratt wrote:

> Things have been a little quiet on here recently once again confirming the
> doc-sigs yoyo nature; I sometimes wonder if people here are on a 3 month
> hibernation cycle <wink>.

Snakes dream in winter, and spring is near ;). yoyos are far more
predictable, they go up and down, docsig is more like a crazy
drunken goat running up and down  stairs.

> Laurie
> [0] So, yes, you can plugin different parsers for different inline
>       comment syntaxes. You want POD? Fine. JavaDoc? Fine. So long as
>       someone codes a plugin, this is one less thing hardcoded into
>       the system

I thought that plugin[0] was an element of a list, or a dictionary
(too much python programming ? ;) ) . Plugin sounds very sensible,
much much more than "one single standard". Anyway I'm starting
to think that "python docstring strandardzation" problem is 
NP-compatible. ;)

BTW, I've improved the "crosswords-making technology", perhaps 
after a while you'll live the "revival" of Crosswords for python (in the 
Computer sciences...)
Now what I need is a lexicon of words like:

pickle - Good class for persistent objects

I think such a lexicon would be great. And if we could enrich
it with fixed terms like :"db", "socket", "persistence"...

I don't trust cathedral design, or mega-projects any more, 
the real solution is
small chunks of info that unite into something really bigger.
Designs that start at the bottom, not at the top. You can 
reuse the bottom always, but the top is more complex to reuse.

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