[Doc-SIG] Some random thoughts

David Ascher DavidA@ActiveState.com
Sun, 5 Mar 2000 13:05:13 -0800

>  StructuredText

StructuredText has a couple of problems which we already discussed here.  I
agree with all of your comments about it, and I think there were a couple of
other ones -- please check the archives for the details.

>   * Forcing anything between ' ' into <Code> seems particularly
> clumsy; * has
>       a good history of being an emphasis effect and ** is a cunning
>       extension to that, but ' ' seems unnatural
>     (Incidentally the implementation looks like <Code>something</Code> is
>     valid but the spec mentions nothing)

emphasis and <code> markup are different things.  FWIW, I still don't think
we have a great solution for that one.

> Unsurprisingly, I also have some thoughts about how to construct
> the "right" tool for the job, but I think this little lot is enough for
one post, so
> comments etc are welcome.

A few other points:

1) Does your version allow knowledge of the line numbers?  error-capturing
is important, and StructuredText.py doesn't keep that.

2) The Zope folks will likely keep their own version as a separate fork
until and unless your or anyone else's version does the same thing at least
as fast -- they care about speed in Zope.

Good work!

[I haven't had a chance to look at the code but will do ASAP]