indent of very first line of doc string (was Re: [Doc-SIG] Some random thoughts)

Peter Funk
Mon, 6 Mar 2000 07:21:17 +0100 (MET)


> > I nearly did that, but my personal preference is to cut down on
> > these sorts of assumptions where possible. My thinking was (without
> > wishing to start a
> > flame war), this sort of auto-pseudo-intelligence is quite Perl like and
> > tends to lead one into troubles in the future when one finds a
> > need to break the assumption to allow something else to work...

David Ascher comments:
> At the risk of offending, it doesn't matter what your aesthetics are.  If
> you want your code to become the standard doc-processing tool, it should
> process the standard docstrings appropriately -- alternatively, you can
> submit one mondo patch and fight that battle.

I aggree with David.  I've many doc strings that look like
	"""FooBar -- short one line description of the class

	more detailed bla bla about this class...."""

The "artificial intelligence" contained in Ping three lines of code
seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Regards, Peter
P.S.: Finally it looks, if Doc-Sig is awakened again. ;-)
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