[Doc-SIG] Some random thoughts

Laurence Tratt laurie@eh.org
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 08:23:53 +0000

David Ascher wrote:

>> So perhaps what we need is a markup for code fragments (and
>> I'd agree that an identifier could be seen as a special instance of a code
>> fragment) and something else for genuine <code> markup. 
> Uh?  What's non-genuine code markup?

Sorry, I should have made myself clearer: genuine <tt> (typewriter style)
markup. I think there's a need for both.

>> My first complaint about StructuredText is that there isn't a
>> protocol for escaping character; if there is (and there *has*
>> to be in my opinion. It's possibly the biggest
>> single ommission at the moment), then the problem goes away.
> Fine.  How should that work?

It could be as simple as using a backslash character \ much as in current
Python strings. I'm  not arguing for anything complicated, just something :)