[Doc-SIG] htmldoc.py and inspect.py

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
30 May 2000 12:50:15 +0200

* Ka-Ping Yee
| I welcome your feedback!

Initial reaction: wild joy that someone is working on this!

I think it looks very good, and would be very happy if this could be
expanded into a full solution. (Sorry, my stack is full in the near

Initial comments:

 - it seems to document a number of things that should not be
   documented (ideally there should be some way of avoiding this,
   for example test functions and _*/__* members should not be
   documented, except for __init__, __getitem__ and friends)

 - the HTML output should perhaps use a stylesheet instead of
   hardcoding the presentation

 - it would be nice if docstrings could use <p> instead of &nbsp; and
   <BR>, but that's probably a lot of work...

 - also, package/directory indexing would make a big difference

--Lars M.