[Doc-SIG] PEP-0216

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 14:05:00 -0500

Ken Manheimer wrote:
> Well, it's remarkable to see StructuredText really considered after all
> this time.  I'm sorry that i probably won't have time to do more than
> kibitz.
> Moshe wrote:
> > At the moment, there are problems with ST-NG, which I've already
> > written about in a previous e-mail.
> Which i understand to be:
> | Current questions about ST-NG:
> |    - Does it support proper escaping of meta-characters? If I want to
> |      type *, or ', can I?

Why do you need this? Coud you give some examples? 
Please don't respond here though. See below.
(snip solution to problem I don't quite understand. ;)

> (Note - i *believe* that *example* text - blocks introduced by a paragraph
> ending in a '::' - should have all ST interpretation disabled, so the
> above examples would show the double quotes as well as the things they are
> quoting - if the double quote convention existed.)

Yes, no ST processing is done in examples.
> |    - Does my proposal about Python symbols identified as [<type>:<symbol>]
> |      make sense? How hard would it be to extend the current code to
> |      do just that?
> I don't understand the question, and don't have the time to follow
> back a second level of indirection to track down your proposal.  (And
> i don't think i'll have time to do the legwork to investigate, if i
> *did* understand the question:-(  )

I know how you feel.

It would help us (Ken and I), and I suspect others, alot if the
Moshe's problem's with structured text could be documented in
a more durable form than email messages.

I took the liberty of creating a page in the StructuredText Wiki:

to collect ideas for and comments on using StructuredText for 
doc strings.

I'd appreciate it if people could add proposals and comments
there. It's a Wiki page, meaning it can be edited through the
web. To make changes, you need to be logged in to zope.org. 
Membership on zope.org is free. The editing format is, of
course, StructuredText. :)


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