reST Wiki mode, was [Doc-SIG] Suggestions for reST "modes"

David Goodger
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 10:07:54 -0400

on 2001-08-06 1:04 AM, Ken Manheimer ( wrote:
> I haven't gotten to learning reST, and am not sure whether square
> braces already have some special significance.

In conjunction with a trailing underscore (meaning 'hyperlink'), square
brackets mean footnote references. ``[1]_`` is a reference to footnote #1.
Square brackets are also used in the footnote itself::

    .. [1] This is footnote #1.

Other than that, they have no significance in reStructuredText.

I examined square brackets as an alternative syntax for hyperlinks, but
rejected them for the same reason I rejected single quotes for inline
literals: they're too common in ordinary text.

The reStructuredText way to do WikiLinks is with a single trailing

    Here is a WikiLink_.

The Wiki software can determine what to do if the link is not defined,
possibly based on the text being CamelCase or not. If a "WikiLink" page is
not defined, the Wiki software can start up a new editor to create one; it's
an application issue.

> (I'm not sure if and how reST will be fit into Zope, but i'd certainly
> like to keep that option open.)

I hope it does fit (once it's ready), and I'm glad you're keeping the
possibility open.

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