[Doc-SIG] Suggestions for reST "modes"

Garth T Kidd garth@deadlybloodyserious.com
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 09:10:08 +1000

> > > will be needed. I suspect that a means of marking
> > > Chapter, Appendix, etc., explicitly may be needed [...]
> >
> > ``.. section::``, anyone?
> I suspect facetiousness (!) but it may come to that.

I'm not being facetious_. "Section" is the generic term most Microsoft
Word users would use to describe a chapter or appendix. An application
handling a "section" directive doesn't need to worry about having an
insufficiently large list of words used in headings to describe a new
section. Chapter and Appendix are obvious. `Fit the First` isn't.

.. facetious: well, not there, anyway. :)

.. _Fit the First: `The Hunting of the Snark: an Agony in Eight Fits`_,
   by Lewis Carroll.

.. _`The Hunting of the Snark: an Agony in Eight Fits`:

> 	Section 3: Fred
> 	===============

What if we want to discuss Proposition 23? ::

    Proposition 23: Discussion

Oops. :)