[Doc-SIG] Re: C signatures in C code docstrings

David Goodger dgoodger@bigfoot.com
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 23:07:12 -0400

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) (tony@lsl.co.uk) wrote on 2001-08-08 4:50 AM:
> 257:`One-line Docstrings`_
>     Hmm. When discussing the "signature" in C functions - shouldn't the
>     DPS mandate that this signature line should be (a) of a particular
>     format [the obvious one!], and (b) that the tool "looking for" and
>     interpreting code structure should make use of said signature if
>     present.

> > (a) Sounds good. Care to provide the wording?
> >
> > (b) PEP 257 doesn't care about the DPS, but this could be added to
> >     PEP 258.

> OK. Please put a note in the appropriate place that this will be
> added, and I will provide wording at some point (but it would help
> to have a place to *put* the wording first, so I can try to make it
> fit in).

For (a), the text should be a new list item at the end of the
"One-Line Docstrings" section of PEP 257.

For (b), make a new section "C Extension Function/Method Signatures"?

> (I can specify some heuristics for recognising as well, or you can
> just look at earlier versions of my own code, which had some such
> in)

OK, please specify or tell me where I should look. Thanks.

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