reST Wiki mode, was [Doc-SIG] Suggestions for reST "modes"

David Goodger
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 23:07:14 -0400

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) <> wrote on 2001-08-09 4:43 AM:
> I'm a bit worried that directives are being used for two different
> purposes (and I *think* they may be getting confused).

I don't see much difference between "command directives" and "pragma
directives"; command directives simply don't act on any data.

The big difference I see is one of scope. A true pragma (global
directive?) will affect the entire parser session, whereas a local
directive only affects its text block.

> For pragma directives, if the directive is not recognised, I think
> that the directive *itself* should be emitted as a <literal> node,
> and that it should be flagged as an Error. That gives the user some
> hint of why their document looks odd (!).

Yes, this is the plan.

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