[Doc-SIG] Doc html Index only works with netscape

Fetherston, Tom Tom.Fetherston@marconi.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:58:30 -0500

The urls are just those in the "C:\Python20\Doc\ref\genindex.html" file, I'm
just collecting them in the Tcl equivalent of a Dictionary of list, with the

python terms as the keys.  On both Mac and Pc, netscape translates the
into a properly positioned page with respect to the looked up term, while
Explorer just opens each page with it's top showing.

It seems that this type of fragment (which I don't understand, and can't
find in
Html reference books) only works in Netscape.

I note that the Window download of Python has the Doc type set to netscape

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On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Fetherston, Tom wrote:
> Noe, I changed this so command-double clicking a keyword in Alpha sends an
> AppleEvent to a browser containg the Url.  Most of the urls contain
> fragments (e.g. #12h-110) after the filename that are supposed to position
> the relevant section in the browser for viewing, however, only Netscape
> seems to accept this correctly.  ICab and IE just open the file at the
> This is also what they do if you click the hyperlink in the index file.

The fact that they also behave this way when you click directly,
as opposed to sending an AppleEvent, tells me that this is a more
general browser issue rather than a Mac-specific or a Python-specific
thing.  I think there's a problem with your fragment syntax, but i
can't tell anything further without seeing your HTML file.  Can you
provide the URL so we can look at it?

-- ?!ng