[Doc-SIG] Implicit Link Targets

castor@snafu.de castor@snafu.de
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:53:01 MET

Reading the `specification docs`_ once more, I realized it
might be pretty desirable to have implicit link targets. More
specifically, I suggest that titles of sections like

	Section Titles

as well as figure captions

	A figure (a graphic with a caption) could be placed like this::     

		.. figure:: larch.png        

		The larch.

could be made available as implicit link targets (I'm not
quite sure whether figure captions are actually recognized as
a distinct element in the spec; I'd have to check that).

Since "Whitespace is normalized within hyperlink names, which
are case-insensitive", authors can then refer to `section
titles`_ and `the larch`_. It might be desirable to issue
warnings in case non-unique titles/captions are actually
referred to within the text.

Implicit targets could be supplemented/overridden by explicit
targets; their use would obliterate the need for most explicit
targets seen in a text like the specification itself.

Is that desirable/implementable?


. _specification docs: http://structuredtext.sourceforge.net/