[Doc-SIG] docutils 0.0.5 "Earwig O!"

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 15:01:57 -0000

I have uploaded a new version of docutils, 0.0.5:


which is much the same as:


Please note that I have *not* updated the Demon site.

News for this release:

* I have removed the sources for release 0.0.1
* I have provided .tgz and .zip files for this new release
* HTML output is now provided - it's not very subtle (speaking as
someone who *looks at* HTML code), but it is proving very useful in
debugging/refining the code
* the command line interface has changed (simplified)
* various bugs have been fixed
* literal quoting ('..') is partially broken, ho hum
* on the other hand, indentation of lines in paragraph literals is now
done correctly
* it's a bit slow, ho hum (well, that's not new either)

For a fun time (for some sense of fun) try running it on DocNodes.py

So, this version of the utility is *actually* somewhere towards being
useful. I would appreciate it if anyone out there would throw it at some
python or stx files and see what they think. Comments are, thus,


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