[Doc-SIG] Docstring markup process

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:37:01 -0500

>>>>> "TJI" == Tony J Ibbs <tony@lsl.co.uk> writes:

    TJI> I have printed out PEP 1, and notice that it seems to say
    TJI> that only someone with access to the python-dev list can
    TJI> propose a PEP (or rather, it heavily implies that generation
    TJI> of the PEP happen there).

No.  PEPs can be written and proposed by anybody.  Discussion on
python-dev and/or python-list is encouraged to see if the idea is
actually PEP-able.  Remember that anybody can post to python-dev.  If
you're not a member, you get the added "convenience" of being able to
read the list only via the web archives.  python-list should be
sufficient for all the initial discussion on a PEP though.

I'd wager that successful shepherding of a PEP through to acceptance
is probably a good way to earn the brownie points needed to be
welcomed onto python-dev (and hence, although not strictly tied, to
the PSF).

    TJI> I *know* life can't be that simple, as I'm sure some of the
    TJI> existing PEPs have started on other lists. So what is the
    TJI> situation? Does one just put something together and send it
    TJI> to Barry Warsaw with some plausible excuse?

Actually, you should write a draft (using the style described in PEP 1
and looking at existing examples), and post it to python-list and/or
python-dev.  If there's general consensus that the idea is appropriate
for PEP status, send me the latest version of the draft and I'll
assign it a number.  I'll make the necessary changes to PEP 0 and, if
you don't have checkin permissions, I'll check in your initial draft.