[Doc-SIG] suggestions for a PEP

Edward D. Loper edloper@gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 02:06:57 EST

> I may be misguided here, but my impression is that it's not a goal to have
> more PEPs.  Rather, the idea is to allow for multiple PEPs that convey
> competing viewpoints when competing viewpoints exist.  

I agree.  Unfortunately, I don't think there are too many people out
there who have competing viewpoints and are willing to take the time 
to write a PEP right now.

> If you diverge just
> in marginal particulars, you can present the particulars as alternatives,
> with explanation about their relative merits.  In general, if it's
> suitable for you and tibbs to do a joint PEP, and you'd be comfy with it,
> it sounds like the PEP might be the stronger for it.

For now, Tibs and I will do separate PEPs.  I think that working alone,
we're likely to cover different aspects of the problem.  For that 
reason, I don't want to see a draft of Tibs' PEP until I'm done (and
I probably won't show him mine either. :) )  If our drafts
are compatible, and we feel like it, we may then merge our drafts
into one PEP.  At the very least, we'll probably steal ideas from
each other's PEPs.  At the end of all that, we'll have either 1 or
2 PEPs (or more if other people are motivated)..  We can then try
to marshall acceptance and go forward with it/them.  That's my plan,