[Doc-SIG] What docs should be in the source file?

Tavis Rudd tavis@calrudd.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:09:37 -0800

I side with Ping on this one.  Just because there's some extra 
examples and how-to-use-me documentation in a source file doesn't mean that 
you're obliged to update it every time you work on the source.  Ping's 
argument is that it is more likely that lazy programmers will update that 
type of information if it's stored in the same file.  If this argument wins 
out there wouldn't be much extra to put in the modules anyway, as Python's 
current 'Library Reference' docs are largely a rehash of the API information.

By the way, Edward, Tibs, and Eddy, the energy you guys are putting into 
ST this month is impressive.  You've almost doubled the activity of the 
previous most active month in DOC-SIG.