[Doc-SIG] suggestions for a PEP

Edward Welbourne Edward Welbourne <eddy@chaos.org.uk>
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 19:35:06 +0000 (GMT)

Me, then Edward:
>> I know I'm about to vary my tune but ... someone else has been talking
>> persuasively out-of-band.  Rather than borrowing the doc directly off
>> the parent ...

> I think the issue of whether to borrow, or point back, etc., should
> be one for the tools.  Which may be a good reason for the language
> *not* to do anything automatic, like inheriting doc strings.  There
> are similar questions about whether inherited methods should be listed
> in a separate section or not, etc.

OK, sounds like more convergence of opinions.
And it fits with the benevolent dictat ;^>

> But at any rate, we should say that having f.__doc__=None indicates
> that inheriting docs is acceptable, and f.__doc__='' means that
> inheriting docs is not acceptable.
(minor requrest: #f.__doc__ is None# in preference to use of ==)

> Of course, all of this will be difficult to do if we're
> parsing the file instead of loading it as a module; but that's ok. :)
No harder for your parser than for Guido's ;^>