[Doc-SIG] New document - pytext-fat

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:01:47 +0100

Hmm - either our email reception has gone wrong, or everyone is quietly
working away in the background (or catching up on sleep).

I spent last night (sort of literally) and a bit of this morning writing
a first draft of the "fat" pytext specification. It can be found at:


I apologise for the mistakes that are bound to be therein - I haven't
exactly had time to reread it, and it was written in two long sessions,
mostly from memory. It gets a bit thin towards the end, in the
colourisation section, due to time constraints. I definitely don't
guarantee to have got the DOM definitions right - Edward and I were
working towards agreement on that, and I just didn't have time to refer
to what we'd done so far.

I propose to amend docutils to support the format documented in
fat.html, with command line options to allow "obvious" experimentation,
so that people can play with different approaches, and also
enable/disable things (so, for instance, one should be able to disable
locarefs, anchors and labels, if one wishes). (The main thing to add is
the proposed new header syntax). That seems a useful "niche" for
docutils to fill, whilst Edward works on pytext-slim and the
corresponding tool.

I hope to expand on *reasons* for decisions at some point, and I have a
sneaky feeling that an annotated "history" of the Doc-SIG might be a
useful resource apres-PEP - I'll volunteer to try to get round to that
as well, since I were a participant for much of it (it's basically a
cut-viciously-and-paste-and-edit job on the Doc-SIG archive).

Sleepily, Tibs

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