[Doc-SIG] Formalizing ST

Edward D. Loper edloper@gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 10:34:54 EST

> > Hmm.. So I'm starting to think that EBNF really isn't the best
> > formalism for capturing global formatting.  
> Hmmmm..... I think I have to disagree.  What is global formatting?
> Did you ever had a look at the Python/Grammar/Grammer file, which
> is basically EBNF and uses the special Tokens INDENT and DEDENT?
> [more info, pointers]

Thanks for the pointers.  Something like this might work, although
I'm still not sure how it will work for literal blocks.  But I'll
figure that out.  I was trying to express things in streight
EBNF, not using magic tokens like INDENT and DEDENT, but maybe 
those will help.  This may end up requiring that paragraphs be
indented reasonably.. (currently, you can indent paragraphs like
this if you want:)

        This paragraph is indented 8 spaces because its first
    line is indented 8 spaces, regardless of the subsequent
  indentations.  Most of us think that this is not
          a useful feature.

Of course, we may be ditching indentation-structure, anyway (at
least for anything other than lists, and maybe literal blocks..)