[Doc-SIG] Fat spec v0.2

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 10:06:39 +0100

OK - *before* I read all 46 (!) messages in my Doc-SIG intray, I'll
announce the new version of the "fat" specification:


The "old" version is at fat1.html, and there's a version with the
differences highlighted in red (for those who don't want to read the
whole thing again) at


Changes include:

	- all special characters are now reserved, except in
	  "literal" contexts

	- I've reserved `@` as well, while I'm at it, as
	  suggested the other day, for future expansion

	- backticks are now used for literal strings

	- mention is made of the "delimit list item bullets"
        idea - whilst I don't like it myself, I suggest `~`
        be used as the delimitor if we have to do it

Who knows what will need to change *after* I read all the messages.

(By the way - docutils *almost* implements all of this, and an alpha
release to play with is *still* on the cards RSN - depending on flu,
kids, etc.)

Note for Guido - yes, the DOM tree stuff is irrelevent to the
specification as such, but since I need it around for me, and don't want
to manage more than one document (heh, I'm literally losing sleep to
keep just one up-to-date!), people will have to ignore it for now.
Eventually I would see more than one document, aimed at different
audiences, of course.

Back to the list (gods, I've got *work* to do as well)


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