[Doc-SIG] Alternative inline markup

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 12:22:06 -0000

I like people who agree with me (unfortunately for simplicity, I also
have a lot of people who I like who *don't*, but still).

Paul Moore wrote:
> A key example of this is the usage of reST in
> E-Mail in this group. It isn't valid reST (normal
> E-Mail quoting constructs simply don't work),

I suspect that if/when the other aspects of reST/DPS are finished being
implemented, we'll see an email mode - it's just too tempting to do, and
the "quoted text" thing is the only really difficult bit (and we can
*steal* ideas about how to handle that).

> And it's *not* (quite) "standard" usage, as the standard is to use
> ``_underline_`` and ``*bold*`` rather than ``*emphasized (conceptually
> italic)*`` and ``**strong (bold)**``. So it is "learned"...

I would actually argue that only *this* is "standard" usage - the
underline thing seems to be fashionable in some places, at some times,
but not everywhere.

> .. [2] Annoyingly, I couldn't recall the footnote syntax straight off
>        here. And I was fairly sure I'd guess wrong.

Strangely, since David simplified the footnote usage (and explained one
mistake I'd made!) I've found it very easy to remember. I've probably
been confusing people in other venues by using it in other emails - they
probably wonder why there's a trailing underscore after the ``[1]`` in
the body of the text...

> The Perl people (based on Larry Wall's thinking) tend to talk
> in terms of "memes",

...rest of paragraph omitted...

Yes, I like that idea. And I agree that the "refcard" limit is about
true - certainly for myself.

> On that basis, reST is currently just about right.
> My view (in summary) is: Let's just implement what we've got.
> It may not be perfect, but I'll take implemented and imperfect
> over perfect but theoretical any day.

Yep, I'd agree (although bear in mind that *David* has *got* just about
all of it implemented - people like me are the slow coaches - hmm, maybe
we should insist he does documentation instead of coding!!!!)

For what it's worth, HTML output from Python code is progressing (albeit
slowly). Another release may come in the next few days - or not,
depending on what happens regarding replacing our now-broken washing
machine, and the possible minor rebuild of the kitchen cabinets thus
necessitated (mutter, mutter, built-in-appliances, mutter). I'd
certainly hope for a useful release by Christmas or soon after
(especially if I get that second-hand laptop as a Christmas present).

Hmm - should we aim for a formal release (alpha? beta?) early in the new
year? From here it looks doable...


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