[Doc-SIG] Getting started with restructured text

Amos Latteier amos@zope.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:52:19 -0800


I don't know much about restx, but what I've seen so far impresses me. 
The spec seems well thought out. I currently use structured text quite a 
bit. In fact I've written a book with it. I am painfully aware of 
shortcomings in structured text. I'd like to evaluate restx as an 
alternative for writing articles and books.

I downloaded the latest cvs snapshot and tried to figure out how to get 
going. I ran into a couple problems:

* distutils doesn't add __init__.py files to the dps and parsers 
directories that it creates. This means that they aren't considered 
packages. I don't know if this is a distutils bug or a problem with how 
restx uses distutils.

* restx seems to require that the entire dps package be installed.

* There is no obvious way to create HTML output. Should I write an HTML 
formatter along the lines shown in dps.formatters.model? Or is XSLT 

Thanks for any pointers.


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