[Doc-SIG] Getting started with restructured text

Amos Latteier amos@zope.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:20:19 -0800

David Goodger wrote:

>>* distutils doesn't add __init__.py files to the dps and parsers
>>directories that it creates. This means that they aren't considered
>>packages. I don't know if this is a distutils bug or a problem with how
>>restx uses distutils.
> That's odd. There *are* __init__.py files in those directories in CVS. I
> just checked the latest CVS snapshot, and the files are there too.

I think the problem was that I was trying to use rstx without installing 

>>* There is no obvious way to create HTML output. Should I write an HTML
>>formatter along the lines shown in dps.formatters.model? Or is XSLT
> That's up to you! Tony Ibbs has produced a first stab at what I call a
> "Reader", a Python source analyzer, and an HTML "Writer", still available at
> http://www.tibsnjoan.co.uk/reST/pydps.tgz. It's no longer being maintained
> in favour of a fabled new implementation (which I'd love to see one of these
> days). Several contributors have produced XSL stylesheets; they're available
> in the reStructuredText "sandbox". Unfortunately, they're not up to date.
> I plan to create a standalone Reader (i.e., input consists of standalone
> reStructuredText source files without context), but haven't had time yet.
> This is definitely a work in progress. Contributions would be most
> appreciated!

I'm working on a HTML formatter which I'll contribute.



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