[Doc-SIG] rST hyperlink syntax

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:32:31 +0100

From: David Goodger [mailto:goodger@users.sourceforge.net]
> I meant that adding another line-starting construct adds 
> complexity in and of itself: one more string that a line
> can't otherwise start with. This added initial complexity
> may be offset by the benefits it offers, in which
> case there would be a net gain.

That's my issue, as well. I like the minimal nature of just having one "line
directive". I'd also point out that ``__`` is the sort of thing that
(certain types of) people will use in plain text - it's a variant of a
common way of denoting emphasis - I could end up writing, __ without
thinking __ something like this, intended to emphasise a point (it's not
correct reST for what I mean, but that's why I said "without thinking"). And
an unfortunate word-wrap causes problems. OK, it's not likely - but is the
gain worth it?

Of course, I'm in the sort of target group who uses all 57 list constructs,
but hardly ever writes a hyperlink, so I would think this...

[Actually, re-reading the above, it sounds a bit of a strained argument.
Maybe that implies that there isn't a really good argument against the
construct. But I still *feel* like there's something wrong with it... :-)]