[Doc-SIG] ANN: Teud 1.2, a documentation generator

Itamar Shtull-Trauring lists@itamarst.org
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 12:36:23 +0200

Teud - A Python documentation generator

What does it do?

   Converts python files to XML files containing the documentation for the
   objects in the python file. The XML files can be transformed into HTML
   using an XSLT stylesheet, etc.

   Teud tells you when a method in a class overrides or inherits from
   another class, and also supports PEP 245 interfaces (__implements__).

What does it mean?

   teud is pronounced teh-OOD. It means "documentation" in Hebrew.

What does the output look like?

   Well, the output can look however you want, just write a custom XSLT
   stylesheet. However, default output of with the fancy.css stylesheet
   that comes with Teud can be seen at:


How does it decide what to document?

   1) If there is __all__, anything listed in it is public and is added to
      the XML file, anything not listed in it is not considered public but
      is added.

   2) Anything imported from somewhere else (if that can be found out) and
      not in __all__ is not added to the XML file.

   3) If there is no __all__, anything beginning with _ is not public.

   The default XSLT does not export non-public objects to the HTML file.

Where do I download it?

   For more details and a TODO list, see