[Doc-SIG] ann: xmltoys 1.0a4, featuring pythondoc

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 09:12:30 +0200

I just released xmltoys 1.0a4, which includes an updated
version of the javadoc-like pythondoc document parser:

    (click on download to get the code)

-- about xmltoys pythondoc

this tool uses introspection to find functions, classes, and
methods in a module, and source code scanning to extract
javadoc-style comments.

the description part is written in HTML, and converted to
XHTML fragments by the parser.  additional information is
extracted from the source code, and from javadoc tags in
the comment.  the result is stored in an XML infoset.

the tool comes with a relatively simple HTML converter;
a docbook converter is in the works.   you can of course
also run the result through your favourite XML processor.

more information can be found here:


sample output (showing off some rather obvious bugs):


-- about the 1.0a4 release

this version has been tested with itself, PIL, and a couple of
other rather large libraries.  unlike the first release, it can also
parse the python standard library without getting stuck on
None objects (but for obvious reasons, it doesn't generate
any output for the standard library... 

it uses the new HTMLParser module, so the current version
requires Python 2.2. I plan to get rid of that dependency for
the next release.

enjoy /F