[Doc-SIG] compact HTML output from Docutils

fantasai fantasai@escape.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 01:41:47 -0500

David Goodger wrote:
> - Check for and omit <p> tags in "simple" lists: list items contain
>   either a single paragraph, a nested simple list, or a paragraph
>   followed by a nested simple list. 

It would be more flexible for the author if you based the
omission of <p> tags in single-paragraph lists on whether
the list is spaced out or not. For example, this:

   - apples
   - oranges
   - pears

would not have paragraph tags whereas this:

   - This is really a paragraph, even though it's the only
     block of content in the list item.

   - A paragraph is the basic structural unit in prose.


Another option is to trigger <p> tags only for multi-line

> - Regardless of the above, in definitions, table cells, field bodies,
>   option descriptions, and list items, mark the first child with
>   'class="first"' if it is a paragraph.  The stylesheet sets the top
>   margin to 0 for these paragraphs.

Have you tried using p:first-child? It would be nice to
avoid cruft like 'class="first"'.