[Doc-SIG] References in the same line as the target text

Simon Budig Simon.Budig@unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 02:00:27 +0200

will (willg@bluesock.org) wrote:
> Personally, I think you're crazy to use reST with SSI and whatever else to
> build your web-site.  I think it'd be much easier for you, especially if
> you hate HTML, to get a wysiwig editor and build it with that.


Just to show you what is possible with SSIs and why I think using reST
for webpages is not crazy:

Have a look at http://www.home.unix-ag.org/simon/bsdaemon/ . The raw
source of it is::

   <!--#include virtual="$SCRIPT_NAME/../../include/head_start.shtml" -->
   <title>A vector version of the BSD Daemon</title>

   <!--#include virtual="$DOCROOT/include/body_start.shtml"-->

   A vector version of the BSD Daemon

   <img src="bsdaemon.png" alt="Preview of the BSD Daemon" align="right"
   width="326" height="352"><p>

   The BSD daemon originally was done by John Lasseter. The copyright
   holder for these images is Marshall Kirk McKusick &lt;<a

[some more simple paragraphs ommitted]

   Grab the tarball <a href="bsdaemon-1.0.tar.gz">here</a>.
   Have fun!<br>
   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Simon Budig &lt;<a

   <!--#include virtual="$DOCROOT/include/separator.shtml"-->
   <!--#include virtual="$DOCROOT/include/navi.shtml"-->
   <!--#include virtual="$DOCROOT/include/body_end.shtml"-->

I think it should be fairly trivial to create such an output with
reST (just need to change some small things for the header/footer).

And there is no CSS used yet.

      Simon.Budig@unix-ag.org       http://www.home.unix-ag.org/simon/