[Doc-SIG] Re: [Python-Dev] [development doc updates]

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 08:04:30 -0400

Gary Herron writes:
 > Reading the "What's New in Python 2.3" section, I find the following
 > sentence in "5 Extended Slices":
 > This is ambiguous.  Exactly *HOW* does it change with Python 2.3?
 > Does the stride argument go away, or do builtin sequence types now
 > support the stride argument?  If I'd followed this newsgroup more
 > carefully, I'd probably know the answer.

The built-in types now support stride.  Thanks for pointing this
ambiguity out; I've changed the explanation in the document so that
this is clear.

 > The paragraph about PendingDeprecationWarning, which follows the above
 > quote, probably provides a clue, but it seems out of place, having
 > nothing to do with slices.

There was a section heading that was commented out in the document
source; I've uncommented the heading.  More material will be added to
the new section as we have time to complete the material.



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