[Doc-SIG] References in the same line as the target text

David Goodger goodger@users.sourceforge.net
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 01:03:54 -0400

Simon Budig wrote:
> In the sandbox there is a drop in replacement for the states.py
> file.

Great!  I'll take a look.

> I have not yet come around to implement this as a subclass of
> Inliner() but it should not be too hard - all changes to the file
> are insde this class...

This way is fine; don't bother converting it into a subclass.  We can
use "diff".

> It is nearly 5 am now and I don't want to think about that now...

You're keeping hacker's hours. ;-)  It's 1 am here; time for bed.

> I have now implemented  reference__ __<uri> and `refe rence`__
> __<uri>. they are analogous to anonymous links.

Did you allow for long URIs split over lines?  This would have to be

    reference__ __<http://this.is.the.beginning

> I also implemented reference_ _<uri> and `refe rence`_ _<uri>
> analogoes to named links, this is some kind of closure of the syntax
> (mathematically speaking... :-)

Where the target name is implied.  Yes, I suppose it follows.

> I am currently not sure if the possibility to wrap before long URLs
> is worth the added line noise by doubling the underscores. I think
> reference_<uri> resp. reference__<uri> might be acceptable too.

Without the spaces & matching underscores the syntax would be too
subtle I think.  And allowing for line-wrapping is important.

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